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(Make sure you send a message containing information of who you are, what you need so i dont ignore it)

– What do we offer?

We create websites, logo and whitepaper for our friends in NFT space that  need a start with security and we protect them from scammers. We hear a lot of our creator friends are falling victims of scams and never get delivered what they paied for, that’s why we created this space. We are not able to address the needs of a LOT of customers but the ones we decide to go through they will be delivered everything in very short time (within 1-2 days). We do not accept more work that we can handle for the reason that we will never scam or promice something we cannot deliver to anyone.

Having sayed that,

We have the following services:

  1. Logo Creation: We will create a logo for your project to your liking
  2. Whitepaper: We will ask you some questions to create a whitepaper. Then we can use that to present it in a very appealing way to your users.
  3. We can create a website for your NFT collection using your whitepaper. The website will follow the guidelines of the whitepaper and will not have a lot of pages but the basic functions will be the following:
      1. A single page website consisting of the logo
      2. all the information used in the whitepaper
      3. links (shortcuts to content)
      4. a contact us using a gmail of your liking to forward all the emails sent by the contact form
      5. links to all the projects social media
  4. We can introduce you to friends in discord that will help you with your project but we cannot guarantee that it will be free of charge. You need to arrange and negotiate yourself.

– Prices

We do not have a specific cost for most of the services. We do that to help people. We do charge for webhosting 50$ for a year for the specific NFT website. We will not charge you for a domain with extenssion .xyz  (example and the first year hosting will be free if you decide you want a website created by us.

In one project that was minting 2000 NFT’s we created a website and a coin using their logo and whitepaper and we gladly got 150 nft’s free for our work that we could lock in order to farm their $crypto. We are open to offerings but as much as we protect users we will protect our right to decline if the offer is not worth the effort. Also there must be a sum (at least 200$ in either ETH, Solana or Matic (we prefer Solana) )that will pay for services no matter what else we concluded and agreed upon.

So .. to sum up .. We can do a website/whitepaper/logo for you if you offer us at least 10 Sol (around 200$) and upon aggreement you provice us with enough information to create a whitepaper & logo.

– Payment

Assuming we have agreed on everything needed, you can send payment using the wallet addresses below (ETH/Solana/Matic)  We prefer Solana but we can also provide other wallets if those ones are not convenient for you.

Payment will be done on delivery and not before.

You CAN donate anything you want but if you make a mistake contact us to help you correct it 🙂