“Few Words”

First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time visiting my page.

This is a very pleasant hobby for me, that is why I would like to explain few things

I am NOT a PRO. I do NOT play games, post videos with money in mind. It would be nice in the process but it’s not a priority. I have my day-job of doing nothing at all and being a burden to society but nevertheless I enjoy spending quality time with my family (wife and 4y old kid).

In my spare time and when my family had enough of me I can usually spend some time to enjoy a game from a HUGE list that I have been focusing the past few years.

I am also older than you might think… And I have mixed feelings about it. New generations enjoy their first games being Mass Effect 5, Battlefield, Deus Ex, The Witcher, Division, Crysis 3, Just Cause 3, GTA 5, Arma 3, Fallout 4 – Generally games with a number next to them to make sure the player knows that these games existed before he was born somehow … But me? First MMO game i played was Dark Age of Camelot which is still amazing, Age of Conan, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft with 50 level cap and 9 months trying to clear Ahn’Qiraj (20 man raid) and still stuck at last boss, moved back and forth from Lineage 2 to Age of Conan for many years while ‘melting’ – (melting means to spend a LOT of hours doing repetitive things)- in Eve online (had 4 characters there doing all sorts of not-so-nice-things), countless solo games that I cannot remember right now, also Counterstrike (one of my favorites) along with War Thunder, Heroes & Generals, Smite (not so much), Paladins (not bad), World of Warships etc etc.

I have been in The Secret World since beta with a lifetime account (buying all the DLC – still do) and played a LOT of games in League of Legends where I find it really frustrating to depend on 5year olds or rage-ers that exist only to ruin games … After I broke countless keyboards, mouse and many many screens I decided that LOL is not for me and I should just use it to express that I am actually laughing out loud instead of ruining my day and destroying my nerves.

Also played a LOT of games like H1Z1, DayZ , etc that I enjoy for a while until I decide that they are too boring and repetitive. No offence, the games are amazing but it’s just the way I play that I get bored faster than the average player.

For now you can contact me through my email: info@tcorps.eu or tcorps@tcorps.eu and I will promise you 2 things. First is that I will definitely read whatever you send and second is that I will try to respond when possible. I’m not making any promises in responding though since my life is a little hectic and responding to mail uses time that is very valuable for me to use in gaming

Whoever joins my channel in YouTube and has a channel I should join let me know so I can follow it.

I am always open to suggestions and opinions either for the site, the games, the YouTube channel etc. I will not make guides to anything unless I stumble upon something and I notice someone else hasn’t done it. There are much more reliable and much better You Tubers that you can follow for guides and knowledge. I’m here to show you few things I do. If that helps in the process it’s even better.

I do not spend much time on videos since I’m not that good in video editing and takes a lot of time to do simple things (for me). But when I get the time or I need to show something funny then I try to show it.
For example: