Vanguard lvl20 Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer – Silver

Mass Effect 5 is a game that I really enjoy… There are various characters to choose from and level them up to 20 where u can balance skills depending how u like to move and shot in a very chaotic area.

Why Female Vanguard? I like to hear her screams…

I prefer Vanguard over all since is a very-up-close-and-personal experience of rape-or-get-raped situation.
Also Infiltrator since sticky bomb rocks (if u can aim it) and cloak is just amazing either to get out of a shitty place or help a teammate get up without worrying about enemies around you.

Depending on how u enjoy to play you can grab a character and level up. If u want close combat and shotguns or far away with snipers this game will fuck you up every chance it gets.

Some people don’t like this game… I’m a fan since i played mass effect 3 & 4 … But 5 is just a whole new world…

Seizure / Epilepsy Warning while multiplayer enemies throw dildos from all directions that u have to avoid O_o

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