Vanguard lvl20 Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer – Silver

This is one i joined mostly cause I saw high lvl ppl .. So i could troll around a bit and test my new weapon M-37 Falcon 1

I usually take Talon 1 with me for the damage
559 damage at level 1 (2236 damage with 4 shots no vitals)
4 shots per clip
28 max ammo (meaning you are left with 24+4 in weapon)

Accuracy, reload, weight is not really a problem since I’m only bringing one weapon and I only fire it when I’m bored. So I could make runs without firing it at all since biotic CHARGE is fking awesome and cooldown is really really low. Every time I melee hit I get back about 20% shield (this is from biotic passive BARRIER that Vanguards get rank 5 Barrier drain). So sticking to something with melee is usually a win situation… Unless there’s something else behind me that I haven’t noticed or didn’t care to check and while I’m hitting my target the one behind me grabs the opportunity to go all allahu akbar on my ass

So back to basics … M-37 Falcon 1 is a pretty funny weapon. If u miss the target and a wall is behind it, the slug (?) could bounce off the wall and still do nice damage if the target is near it. If you are good at pool u could shoot around corners and this can produce some laughs in the process.

The stats are these:
404 damage (155 damage difference) but overall is 188 more base(?) damage if u hit targets 6 times instead of 4
6 shots per clip
30 max ammo (24+6 instead 24+4 on the handgun)
And most important of all … looks… I like how the assault rifle looks over the pistol

After using it I decided that Talon is still better for me… Only because I have a melee optimizer for pistol and I haven’t seen it yet for an assault rifle… Melee hits seem much more frequent (when there’s no lag ) but who are we kidding …

Where I’m from, low fps, high ping are what we pay a lot for. ISP makes you better at everything when u have slow internet… U tend to grow up like a young yoda where you have to calculate not only where your enemies are, not only where you have to shot at that time BUT to calculate in real time where that enemy will be in 2,3 seconds and make the shot instantly to that location while looking around and calculating where the rest of the enemies will be … haha

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