Vanguard lvl20 Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer – Gold (v nice tactic)

I’m all dizzy from work today so i decided to make a game and go to sleep… Well I had the luck to witness a very nice tactic arranged by the fellow teammates that they would camp far left spot from spawn point and stick to it.
This force all enemies to spawn near our base spawn and you can control them much easier.

So far everyone has been running all over the map (sometimes that’s dictated by the objectives) like headless chicken trying to cover and avoid the over-powered ass-kicking of enemies while trying to assist each other etc etc.

But this way the enemies were taking more time to get to the camp spot, there are only 2 entrances (left and straight) and its easier to control the damage and see what’s coming

V nice I liked it…

Not that i was going to stick to a point; I like roaming around and taking my time killing solo things and reloading since I’m still at the base of the learning curve… And I like running around getting in tight situations where u can insta-die or make a dramatic exit … lol

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