Secret World Legends – Venetian Missile Crisis – Elite 10

There was a way to start this mission at the lowest difficulty and complete the first 2 parts of the mission, exit and take the highest possible to just face boss and send some rockets to paper-targets, but FC decided that it was not the right way to do things .. Now with whatever difficulty you start the mission it remains, so pick it wisely …

This is the Elite 10 difficulty with a lot of areas that i could get myself obliterated but managed to stay alive.

From what i noticed only the hit points change on the enemies and i managed to glance a bit more often than usual.

Secret World Legends – Into Darkness – Elite 10

Nothing changes except the hp of mobs, they do a little more damage and from what i noticed i glanced a bit more than usual … Other than that the achievement is still easy & possible, the run can be done without getting aggro and all is good …

Lately i have been doing the car park mission which i thought was difficult but seems much easier than Into Darkness and after few runs of Into darkness it becomes a very easy task .. .Except the boring last fight that takes … long … Rest are easy imho

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