Secret World Legends – The Broadcast – A Show of Bedtime Achievement – Elite 10

This is a “short” guide on how to complete the achievement
“A Show of Bedtime” – Defeat the Preserter by yourself at the highest difficulty available to you.

This is part of the mission “The Broadcast” becoming available during the Samhein and the last part (part 5) leads to a solo-dungeon.

First time i entered the instance, i was 100% dps with no heals so tier 5 was the max i could clear with a lot of struggle and without dying.

Then i asked around, some people told me to go full tank which failed miserably both times i tried, but then it hit me …

Balance it out ! 😉

Fastest way i completed it, is when i balanced anima (shield/heal/dps) and had no issues clearing the area. Try to avoid stuff and do aoe damage staying close to the radio that spawns adds. When the radio explodes, adds stop spawning and you can focus boss without distractions

I had no real issues so i assume that this guide will be sufficient enough for everyone that for some reason had issues and needs some ideas 😉

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