Buying some Advanced Packs from Shop (20k)

Here I buy few things from the shop (Advanced Pack 20.000) and show the character i am using (I rly fking love Vanguard) until I get that Duelist, Vanguard is very much loved
Reason is that the cheeper packs don’t really give anything any more

How I done this so far. Buy ONLY Basic pack until you only get consumables. Same with Advanced and Expert etc.

Items acquired :
Zalkin-I (Assault Rifle)
Salarian Architech – I (character)
Turian Soldier – IX (character)
Cyclone – III (Assault Rifle)
Ruzad – I (Shotgun)
Turian Soldier – X (character maxed)
Character Respec (upgrade .. Tbh its a downgrade … since it takes you back to lvl1)
Widow – VII (Sniper Rifle)
Asari Sentinel – II (character)
Krogan Vanguard – IV (character) – Very nice also !!!
Ruzad – II (Shotgun)


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