Buying some Advanced Packs from Shop (20k)


Salarian Infiltrator – IV (Character)
Ruzad – III (Shotgun)
Asari Huntress – I (Character)
M-5 Phalanx – IV (Pistol)
Angara Insurgent – II (Character)
Krogan Engineer – IX (Character)
Salarian Infiltrator – V (Character)
Widow – X (Sniper Rifle)
Salarian Infiltrator – VI (Character)
Krogan Engineer – X (Character)
L-89 Halberd – II (Assault Rifle)
Asari Adept – VI (Character)
Cyclone – IV (Assault Rifle)
Krogan Vanguard – VI (Character)
Disciple – VII (Shotgun)
AR Receiver – IV (Assault Rifle Mod)
Salarian Infiltrator – VII (Character)
Asari Sentinel – V (Character)
Revenant – I (Assault Rifle)

Revenant is the best weapon i have seen so far …

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